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Iran ranks 1st in fruit production in the Middle East and North Africa 2.7 million hectares of orchards are getting harvested in Iran with an annual production this year of 16.5 million tons. Per capita production of fruit in the globe is 80 kilograms even though in Iran it is 200 kg according to official FAO statistics. three The Iranian calendar year ending in March 2010, Iran created 4.5 million tons of citrus fruits and 3 million tons of apples Iran has been ranked among 8th and 10th in international fruit production in various years. In the productions of pomegranates and pistachios , Iran ranks very first, in dates and cherries , 2nd, 4th in the production of apples and walnuts , and, 7th in making citrus fruits.

The color of date syrup is dark brown, comparable to that of the naturally matured fruit. This color is the result of the interaction of the proteins with the lowering sugars of the dates and is enhanced by the higher temperture of the environment in which the dates mature. Colour formation is accompained by the developmet of a characteristic flavor and aroma due to the physiological processes of maturation. It is this distinct flavor with its underlying pleasant sweetness that makes date fruit and its items, like date syrup, so attractive.

Sayer Date is a semi-dried Date fruit which can be kept in iran date regular temperature of area. The Shelf life is about 18 – 12 months (1 year) below interim fumigation but packaging processes of Iranian Sayer Date fruit are accomplished by modern technologies and equipped machines ,knowledgeable professionals and observing health ideas which ultimately would be kept in equipped cold storage buildings during the four seasons of the year.

The sweet Date, with lots of health rewards, is classified as fruits which have higher quantity of Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium and vitamins which are needed for healthy physique. It should be noted that the ِِDates in khuzestan province specially Sayer ( Stamaran) Date is cost-free of pesticides and chemicals and is entirely organic. The Date that is named Saamaran ,Stamara, Samberun, in different locations includes about 70% of palm Khuzestan province ! Its fruit is oval and at times inclined rectangular. Note 1: These situations relate to sayer type and other types of date have a small various condition.

All the kinds of Date fruit are wealthy source of higher nutrient, minerals ( Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, man genus, Phosphorous, Potassium, selenium, sodium) , vitamins( A, B9, C), fatty acids ( Omega three, Omega six), protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants so all of different Date fruit helps and raises the immune program against diseases. This fresh date grows in Kerman area. The coloring of this sort assortment is black and its taste is quite scrumptious.